Speak Italian!

Walking through the front door at Ports of Italy the Kennebunks, more likely than not, you’ll be greeted by our wonderful Italian co-owner, Sante Calandri. With a friendly Ciao! you’ll enter into a world of Italian culture and cuisine. Sometimes it’s loud, but it’s always comes with love and a true bite of the way of life in Italy. And what better way to fully dive into your dining experience than adding some basic vocabulary to make it all that more authentic!

Ciao ~  is used in Italy as both a greeting and farewell.
+ No ~ Yes and no
Per favore; per piacere; per cortesia ~ Please
Grazie ~ Thank you
Prego! ~ You’re welcome!
Mi scusi. ~ Excuse me.
È bello. ~ It’s beautiful.
È squisito! ~ It’s delicious!

So, next time you walk through our doors and Sante greets you with a big Ciao! Surprise him with pulling out a few Italian phrases of your own!

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