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We’ve been seeing Yellow Fin Tuna as a special around Ports of Italy the Kennebunks lately, and we wanted to give you some nutritional facts about one of our favorite seasonal fish we bring to your plate.

Yellow Fin Tuna
(4 1/2 ounces cooked)
177 calories
1.6 grams total fat
0.35 grams omega-3s
38 grams protein

But what’s all that info mean for my health? First and foremost, all those omega-3s support a healthy heart by reducing blood clots and helping the prevention of strokes and heart attack. From our one serving of Yellow Fin Tuna, we also get more than 50%  of our needed intake of protein, keeping us happily full even longer. With such a small calorie count, that adds to helping our weight control.

And what about mercury in tuna? While tuna can contain mercury, the Yellow Fin tends to have a lower count than the average canned white or albacore tuna. For pregnant women, it’s important to watch how much of this fish you consume as it could be harmful to developing fetuses and infants.

Have you tried our dish at Ports yet? Let us know how you liked it in the comments below!

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